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Who's Monika?

Life-long creative, background in business & research, self-taught designer, and an advocate for adult menus to come with a crossword puzzle too

What I'm passionate about

It’s hard to list them all, but here’s a few sure ones

Aha Moments

I thrive on piecing together insights, unraveling problems, and weaving patterns that lead to those enlightening 'ligth bulb' moments

Human Connection

Embracing the beauty of human connection, I wholeheartedly welcome every opportunity to listen to and share experiences, perspectives, and moments of genuine laughter

Tech & Bio

The worlds of technology and biology, although seemingly different, are intertwined. Recognizing the interplay between these fields & staying up to date on innovation in both areas are big priorities of mine

Asking 'Why' and figuring out 'How'

Fueled by curiosity and creativity, I dive into user motivations by asking 'Why' and uncovering their needs through 'How.' With problem-solving as my ally, I strive to leave lasting impressions by crafting innovative solutions

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